So i have noticed that people on social networks are bashing New Years Resolutions, and the whole idea of the ritual. They are either not making one, putting down those who have made one, or shedding their negative spirits on common resolutions (such as ‘to lose weight’). Why? I dont know, but my generation has become so lazy and fully enthused by this “I DONT CARE, I NEVER CARED” lifestyle…a.k.a. YOLO!

Well anyway, I am not letting that deter my spirits about the new year. I see resolutions as long time goals. The plans one has for the entire year. Whether achieved or not, the fact that someone is looking to change should be positive and admired.

My Resolutions : New Year, ABOUT Me

So as i look at the woman i have become in 2012 I want to look at my many successes and times I didn’t succeed. Also I look to learn from my mistakes and learn from others. It takes time to change so i decided upon 3 main resolutions that will be positive for the progression of myself this new year.

  • Finding Monetary Stability: I need to learn how to KEEP money. This year I am not using the word ‘save’. Every year, or even every instance where I have told myself to ‘save’ money, I ended up doing the exact opposite. I want to find new ways to make money, and keep it. I spend as if I dont have loans to pay after college. I need to do better for myself monetarily.
  • No Men, Just Me: I am not a relationship type of girl. I like being single, and keeping my options open. I used to talk to guys until it got to a certain level and then disappear (Although I just got out of a relationship that lasted almost 2 months exactly). Well the issue lies on my dependency on men. Not for their money or things, but for their ATTENTION. I feed off texts and calls from an admirer. I didn’t need anything else, but for guy to WANT/NEED me for whatever reason. That, I have to change. I want to stay away from the opposite sex. Cleanse myself from that need for ATTENTION. I love myself and I am very confident, but this is one of my only flaws. In my sister’s words… I am going on a MAN CLEANSE.
  • Big Moves, Major Changes: A lot of positive things happened for me at the end of 2012. With my radio show FIRST15, Third-Team All Conference in Volleyball at my school, and assuming leadership positions in not only clubs, but other things I do for my campus. Last, but certainly NOT least, I got a public relations internship with a great organization for my spring semester. Just a step closer to my dreams. I was making big moves, and I want to follow up, this year, with more big moves and changing in a major way. I need success in everything I do. Failure is not an option.
  • Some other resolutions: Tone my body, Pray more, Change my behavior (my mom made this one), Become a positive influence on others, Become closer to my siblings

2012 was very positive in my growth, and I am just looking for more growth.

“A man of knowledge seeks wisdom, A wise man admits ignorance” -Unknown


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