God’s Destiny

That is what my name means. Chidere in the Igbo language means God’s Destiny. Whether I am destined to be great or not, I know God has something waiting for me. The issue lies in my reach to this destiny.

In my third year at Penn State I find myself caught in this BLOCK (for lack of better words). Its more than just writer’s block, and the fact I dont feel like doing any of my assignments. It is the fact that I have been satisfied with lazying around my house all day to only start my day at night to get dressed for a party. I simply dont want to do anything. I am not normal Chidere and its effecting me.

I had so many plans for 2013(luckily its still early) which really has come to an awful start, but i haven’t been able to pick myself back up. I think lying here is the better solution than picking myself up because falling hurts. More like, FAILING. I have been positive in the process so i dont go into some deep depression but lying here is make me numb to everything.

A few things have inspired me, here and there, but nothing to really get me up and going. Along with the bad things and people around me I do have great people that do great things in my life, and they need to rub off on me ASAP. 

*lazy, apprehensive Chidere kicks in*( almost deleted this post)

Anyway I dont want to be lying here forever in this “block”. If it wont be done, it will be done by FORCE. Starting tomorrow I am making a promise to myself to go back to the gym. I must start somewhere. Maybe sweating this THC out of me will be a good start.


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