“Started From The Bottom” Drake’s New Single

@WSHH: What’s The Verdict: Peter Rosenberg Says Drake’s New Single Is Fire.. Do You Agree? (Hot 97’s The Realness)

So Drake being my hero and all…

I clicked the link above to here Peter Rosenberg’s opinion of Drake’s new single. I hadn’t heard the single yet, and not saying I care for Rosenberg’s opinion (especially after the 2012 Summer Jam debacle) but anything that has to do with Drake I will give an honest listen.

Hot 97 radio host, Peter Rosenberg, said the track was “FIRE”. The single off of Drake’s 3rd studio album was a comeback into 2013 in hip hop. I dont know Rosenberg’s taste in music or his preferential artist choices, but working for a hip hop radio station I assumed he had to be hip. So I was ready to here some “fire”!


I got love for Drake. Not only have I been holding him down for a long while now, but his music OLD and new has been my shit for very long. I just cant cant dub THIS track as fire (not even a flame). It is a good track to play at the beginning of a party when people still arriving, just for people to rock out to. It will be a track that I will probably know the lyrics to by tomorrow, but it is not FIRE. Its not crazy dope. It does have me waiting on whats next. It sounds like the first or second track you would here on the album. Just an intro track. That’s what the instrumental got me feeling. It is a nice beat.

As for  its flow. It’s different. I like different. In the first 10 seconds (he only said “started’ LOL)  I got a Tyga vibe, but when he went in the flow was cool. He almost sounded completely different, but when he started singing I was sure it was Drake.

I will say others are usually hip to new music before me. I heard this track today after it being released on Friday. I will say all weekend the line “Fuck a fake friend, Where ya real friends at” was being tweeted. Based on the varied populations of my twitter feed I was busy thinking, ‘Wow everyone on the same shit, how everyone asking the same question’. I quickly assumed it was a song lyric by the 3rd tweet. To me that wasn’t even the hottest line, but I guess because he sung it, then it stuck. I personally like “I can turn ya boy into a man” because of the female connotations it can insinuate.

I think this would be a great track to remix. Put the whole Young Money family on it. But this track just cant be it. I’m ready to here whats coming up for Drake though. This is a good foreshadowing hinting towards a great year.

And now after writing this and playing the song back like 10 times I’m rapping the lyrics. lol sooner than I thought!

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