AFCON 2013 Nigeria beats Mali


Nigeria Wins!

The Africa Cup of Nations 2013 hosted the Semi-Final game in Durban, South Africa. Nigeria beat Mali 4 to 1 in what seemed like a quick and easy win. Now my country moves on to the finals, waiting on there opponent(Burkina Faso or Ghana).

SIDENOTE: Funny how this game came about and I just became friends with someone from Mali last week. Well knowing me, I had to watch and I had to talk shit.

I don’t even watch soccer (or sports in general, unless I’m in the stands) but since my Nigerian followers were all up and down my Twitter timeline going crazy, I had to join in. Also I am very over-competitive especially when it comes to my country so I was definitely going to find a way to watch.

I don’t understand all the dynamics of soccer, but anyone can pick up on the basics of the game. I know soccer is a low-point game where it takes very long to even make it to 1 point, but in this game Nigeria was scoring left and right like it was nothing at all. Let Mali be lagging behind any slower, and we probably would have made it to 10.  No disrespect but the game was good.

Now Ghana has to play Burkina Faso, and whomever wins (hopefully Ghana) will lose to us in the finals. Excuse me, will play Nigeria in the finals. The arrogance has NO CHILL, sorry (not sorry).


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