“Started From The Bottom” Drake (video)

Drake came out with the video for his new single “Started From The Bottom” directed by himself, and Canadian director, Director X. I must say I haven’t been anymore obsessed with this song. This song will be on my workout playlist, my study playlist, my party playlist. I want to hear it. It doesn’t only get me going but it gets me motivated. Something like what “Make Me Proud” did to me.

The scene in the middle is somewhat lengthy but doesn’t take away from the video. It makes sense to use his longtime best friends in the video, ehh! (canada lingo?). They are definitely familiar faces by now, but they had speaking roles now playing cashiers. Also in the video was his mother, looking like a boss. A soccer scene at the beginning with a young Drake look-a-like scoring the game winning goal. Drake gives us glimpse of his life growing up- starting from the bottom. From childhood soccer games, becoming manager at a drugstore store he worked at, and finally, mansion parties with loved ones and bad bitches! A lot of cameos from what I think are Toronto friends of his.

I cannot be any more infatuated with Drake. I guess Peter Rosenberg was right, I do honestly think the song is FIRE! I already liked the song, but now it grew on me, and I love it even more because of the video. Every part of this song and video came from his Toronto heart(im becoming a sappy fan now – cant help it) and I love it.  When I get my come-up I already have my 6 friends that I will be rapping this song with.

♦”No new niggas, nigga we dont feel that”♦


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