Volleyball’s Jordan

Because what i do is not called a workout, or excercise. It’s called TRAINING

-Chidere N. Igwe


I have been playing volleyball for 7 years now. That is MY sport. I love every part of the game from sitting on the bench watching, to landing on my feet coming down from making a killer hit (or block). I am a middle hitter/big block so I am basically there to be the big scary bitch that no one wants to get hit by. I don’t feel like naming my accomplishments because I don’t play for that reason. Every game is my game, so i play because it completes(for lack of better words) me.

I didn’t start as a volleyball player. I was actually a Mustang cheerleader for 5 years before that. And before that, for 2 years I was a cheerleader in the pee-wee town league. Based on my build, and stature I obviously wasn’t meant to be a cheerleader for the rest of my life, but I’m glad I am not. Of course everyone has their opinion on whether cheer leading is a sport or not, but I will say it wasn’t enough of a sport for me. I enjoyed my time, and was good at what I did, but there was a lot more things that my athletic buld was capable of doing other than hit a high-V, or stick a toe touch. After 8th grade, into high school, I decided I had to do more. That year, in the 9th grade, I was going to try out for the high school volleyball team with no training at all.

The summer before my freshman year of high school I was watching volleyball videos on YouTube, or using On-Demand to watch Misty May-Treanor Sportskool episodes. The idea was to teach  myself the sport. I needed to learn the lingo, the movements, the workouts, the game. I did, and by the first summer practice I was somewhat ready. I walked into the gym and saw girls so much taller than me. I am a tall girl, and I have always have been compared to my peers, but that day I felt like a midget. The coach approached me and asked me my year and I told her I was a freshman. She seemed shock, and looked me up and down, so by that point I knew I still had my height. When she asked me if I ever played before I was nervous. I didn’t know if we had to have legit experience to join the team so i lied. I said I played for 2 years with a church league (Luckily she didn’t ask me the name because I don’t think I could have made one up). She told me get prepared, and set me up with a partner, another freshman. I assumed all the girls were good, and trained so I was really trying to show the other freshmen that I was good. I had to show off what YouTube and On-Demand produced. A great volleyball player.


As we started to pass back and forth, the ball never lasted after MY pass. This girl SUCKED! In every aspect of the word. I passed it and then she would do some weird arm movement/humping of the air to have the ball flinging in all other directions. I tried my best to keep it up, but as I looked around at the other freshmen I realized that I was the only one with “formal” training. The coach constantly praised me, and it guess it looked like I did spend 2 good years with a decent church league. I had a really good practice with compliments from some of the older girls. I made the team that year, not to my astonishment because I am sure they needed me (here comes the arrogance). And it is all history from there.

Now for the title of this post…

I didn’t give this name to myself. It was from a teammate. I guess I looked like the Jordan symbol one day when I was up in the air real high for a really long time during practice. My height+how high I can jump+air time=Jordan! So i took full advantage of the name. I am the Jordan of Volleyball. It also makes sense with that I love Michael Jordan so much. Well him in his prime! (If you go to my Twitter background it is Jordan holding a trophy after beating Utah Jazz in the NBA finals).


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