Beyonce, Thank You…

for letting us in.

beyonce-life is but a dream

beyonce-life is but a dream

And that is how I feel after watching the HBO documentary Beyonce: Life is But A Dream last night. The special gave millions(im sure) a look behind the stardom of Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Opening with her Oprah interview, The Woman Behind the Image, Beyonce talks about her parents, motherhood, the Bey-Bowl, her famous husband, and the documentary to follow. All in all, I haven’t felt any more like a fan for anyone else than I felt for Beyonce last night. And ask any of my friends, i was intently content with not liking Beyonce for forever.

She really gained a lot more than a fan. She gained an admirer, as awkward as it sounds. I cant help but to admire her spirit. Unless she got extremely better at acting there is something about the spirit she embodies that shined through the television. With every word, movement, blink, smile, laugh, frown, stance, dance, I couldn’t help to admire the woman she is. Her pronounced humility is one that every woman, and man should seek to gain. It is what makes King Bey so respectable.

After watching the HBO documentary, I couldn’t help but want to tweak the woman that I am. To be strong with my stance, and what I want, but able to express gracious empathy to those around me- helping me. To not be perfect but to WANT perfect, so to try in every way to reach 100% perfect, but accepting and loving the fact that 99% perfect is okay. To surpass self-actualization into self-transcendence, and wanting others to experience heights that I have leveled with. (shout out to anyone who thought Freud- look it up)

My favorite part would have to be when she said although she has seen so many things in this world, there is nothing more valuable to her than talking to another woman, and that she learns so much from these talks. It reminded me of a past interview when she also said that she often uses other woman’s experiences to write her music. I am sure that in her life as a celebrity, and being “Worlds Most Beautiful Woman” (as proclaimed by PEOPLE magazine) she is not able to experience what the average woman goes through. The ability to embody the average woman in a song in the most beautiful way, with the most beautiful voice, is a trait I admire. She sings for all of us.

And can I say I am in love with her love (as “Bonnie and Clyde” plays on Pandora). I want to say I need to find my own Jay-Z, but no, he’s her’s! I need to find myself a great friend. She kept on using that word, ‘friend’, to speak of Jay-Z. Of course she said husband also, but what is the real foundation for any relationship? Friendship is key.

Beyonce you have yourself an admirer. Takeover 2013. I’ll be there soon!

PS. Instead of continuing to watch the documentary through Skype with my sister, (look here) I found a friend who had HBO so I didn’t miss out on the Beyonce experience. (thanks Marshall)


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