My Stephan Sagmeister Experience

Stefan Sagmeister and I

Stefan Sagmeister and I

(Sorry, it took forever to publish this post)

February 7, 2013, I had the AMAZING opportunity to listen to the world renowned graphic designer, Stephan Sagmeister speak. At Penn State Harrisburg the Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Series teamed up with Society of Design to make this event possible. I had to attend this Society of Design event for class credit. Sadly, I didn’t know of Mr. Sagmeister until I took the graphic design class this semester, but now I feel truly blessed to gain such an opportunity. It wasn’t until after I posted an Instagram picture of both of us did I realize what an impact he had. My Instagram followers knew him!

I went to the event early just to make sure I landed a seat, because I missed pre-registration. My friend, Raquel, and I, were very early so we decided to help our graphic design teacher, Professor Welsh of GO WELSH, set up the room. Lucky we did because we scored some SOD swag (Chip Kidd book, and a cool-as-shit doodle pad, and poster). The room decorated in the SOD pink and black was set up and ready for Sagmeister’s arrival.

I was waiting for this man, praised by my teacher, to enter the room because I was sure he would have brought along a to-creative-for-you, foreign, DIVO-ish attitude (however that may look like). With how often my teacher gabs about type and graphic design artists, like himself, I kind of thought Sagmeister would come into the room ready to change the typeface of Penn State Harrisburg from Times New Roman to Helvetica (and everyone would applaud his artistry). I thought he would come in screaming about himself, and how wonderful his work is. Contrary to my belief I didn’t even notice the man walk in.

He was very relaxed. He looked how any average person looked when they didn’t know anyone in the room. He shook hands, took names, and was on his cellphone whenever he wasn’t talked to. Semi-starstruck, I got more of his vibe when I stood and watched him and the other men(don’t know there profession, probably engineers) work on the lights. I remember Sagmeister trying to describe the reason for the light problems we were having as a “love affair among the lights” which sounded so poetic in his Austrian accent. That did it for me. I got the to-creative-for-you line I needed. Other than that he was a down-to-earth guy.

Well off to write my essay. I learned a lot about Mr. Sagmeister and really have a newfound appreciation for graphic design as an art. I was going to use this post to write my essay, but being that its to BLOG-ish I might just have to just pull some things from it.

SN: I did actually talked to Mr. Sagmeister to. Just a little small talk but I think I deserve brownie points for a quick conversation.
Also coming up, graphic designer, Jessica Hische will be speaking in Harrisburg,PA very soon! I wont be able to attend but I’m sure I will miss out big time for this!


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