“Boy you should know that your love…”

Sorry if it seems like I post every time there is a new video out, but I had to do a post for this one!


Should I do a quick rundown? Well I should! My readers (if i have any) deserve it.

I like Ciara, quite honestly. I always liked her. She is a decent singer, great dancer, and AMAZING performer. Her body is still one of my motivations to shed all this weight!

Ciara is cool as shit. She always seems to luck up, and make a good record when she is in dire need of one. It is like right before I think she is about to bow out, respectfully, she pops up on some… NOPE I GOT ANOTHER ONE! Her singles would be good and earn her a few bucks but then the albums are a flop (at least in my opinions)! I dont think they sell well, and the material is either weak, sounds rushed, or sounds like she is trying to hard.

Well this time Ciara has done it for me twice (it’s scaring me). With “Got me Good”, and the latest, “Body Party”. I can sit here, and write this and say I didnt like neither of these songs when I first heard it. “Got me Good” was reminiscent of her “Lose Control” (w/ Missy Elliot) days. I actually think the video was shot in the same place. I had to here the song a few times and watch the video a few times to realize that Ciara gave us what she does best- a performance. Plus the song now makes me want to hop out a speeding vehicle and start poppin’. I repeat myself, NOT twerkin’, POPPPIN’!

Now moving on to what i am more concerned with! “Body Party” is a hit, and I am so upset with myself for sleeping on that track. When the song was first released I didn’t pay it no mind. I hardly realized Ciara put out new music. When I finally decided to play the song I stopped it at the first 15 seconds, and skipped towards the hook. I heard “Boy you should know that..” and stopped it again. I am thinking no she is not on Rihanna and Drake’s wave using old school songs in her track. I just let her be, and moved on.

It was Future that made me give that song another chance. Future, my current celeb crush, and Mr. Hot-Right-Now, is currently dating Ciara. How she snagged him so fast, beats me! Being the Instagram stalker I am I just kept patrolling their social networks  I gave the song a second shot when I read (somewhere) that Future was going to be in the video. Bumped the song again, and I this time I hear Future in the background lending his beautiful raspy vocals to the track.

In my mind, I had to keep watch over my man!

In turn, i ended up loving the song and couldnt wait to see the video. In this new phenomenon of artists releasing trailers for their videos; I saw the trailer for Body Party and was excited. I saw Future, I saw Ciara, I saw Future looking at Ciara. My heart sunk but I was going to be okay.

So today the video was released and I have watched it about 3 times. I love the song, the video, the outfits(and sexy outfits ;), the dance moves, the people, the attitude. Ciara moved something crazy for Future. Who knew Ciara was such a freak, but very classy! She wore baggy, less revealing clothes at the beginning, and end of vidoe, but all the skin and juiciness was shown in the middle. Then of course the sexy Future.

The only part that makes this video hard to watch are the acting scenes in between. Ciara never could act, and it’s easy to tell Future can’t neither- BUT did anyone sense the attraction between the two lovebirds in the mist of all the bad acting.

Future i want you to say to me “You’re going to be mine…why you think they call me the Future” (as corny as that was)

And in reference to my comment before about Ciara riding Rihanna and Drake;s wave. I was wrong. She spinned(not a word) it into her own thing to the point you cannot rightfully argue that she borrowed that part of the old school track. It’s too different, unless you want to argue about words which everyone has a right to use.

Anyway, like I tweeted, A+++++++ to her video, and everyone that was in it. It was a nice one. I’ll be watching her next move so i dont get hip so late, again.

The video and song just makes me want to do a sexy dance for my invisible significant other! Check it out above!


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