The last stretch…Senior year

Graduation date“First semester senior” has a very different ring to it than “first semester freshmen”. It’s more of a serious tone, like the blaring of your IPhone alarm clock at 7 o’clock in the morning nagging you to wake up. It’s also a daily alarm that blares louder each day you get closer to graduation. A constant reminder you have so many little and big things to do before you can forever leave your legacy, for what it is, at your undergraduate institution.
As a communications major hopefully you have joined or keep up with an organization that is most fitting to your major. Such as Public Relations Society of America for those passionate PR majors, or Society of Design for those interested in graphic design. There are many others, big and small, and all of them can be helpful in getting more than just your foot in the door after college.
One tip I was given as an undergrad, with a focus in Public Relations, was that it is important to major or minor in something else other than a Communications discipline. It supports your degree and looks good on your resume that you have that extra knowledge. For me, I chose to minor in Sociology. I am interested in a career that has to know how to reach out to groups of people, and an education on the study of groups of people compliments that.
If you feel unfulfilled by your undergraduate education, graduate school may be your next step. You often hear, as a Communications student, that employers look for work experience on resumes so graduate school is pointless. It is different for those who feel that after 4 years in undergrad they may need a few more years. Maybe the education you received was not substantial enough to sustain yourself in the career you want. One’s choice in school may have not been the best to seek their specific major. It happens, sometimes, that you even choose a school because of its national acclaim to having the best parties. In such cases a graduate education never hurts.
As you enter your senior year it is important to know what you want to do next. In that year that you are finishing up final classes and passing on your club leadership positions, you should be preparing to apply to grad school and listing jobs you are interested in. You should have started interning to gain that work experience that employers do look for. You should be practicing your craft in any way possible. Write for a blog if you’re a journalist. Plan campus events if you love event planning. Get on your campus radio station if you are interested in broadcast journalism. Practice will make you better and fit for your future. As serious as that blaring alarm clock is, don’t forget to continue to have fun in your final year. Practicing in college that work/life balance will come in handy when all you have is work to do and your life to balance.


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