Nickname Change

I wish it were as easy as making a post, maybe a PSA, to get people to stop using my old nickname. It has actually been incredibly difficult as people are stubbornly against the nickname change. Is it that hard?Do not call me Chidi

Call me Ré

At first I didn’t understand why people would not just call me what I wanted them to call me. It is my name. It is my God-given right to do with it as I please. Nonetheless, I am beginning to understand why, and slowly change the game plan to get others to go with the nickname change.

Why do I want to change my nickname? It may not be important for some, but for those with more complicated names, like mine, a nickname is used more times than not in everyday social interactions. A proper nickname is helpful because it is less time repeating the correct pronounciation of your name for people which, in turn, allows for more important things to be discussed. I have noticed with my name that people don’t even chance trying to pronounce it at first after reading or hearing it for the first time. Soon, they come to realize how easy it is to say my name (Chih-duh-ray) and abandon the use of my nickname at all.

Either way, a new nickname is necessary. It is less because I like boy names for girls and I would like to be one of those girls with a boy name. It is more because i want to relinquish the name that has stuck since childhood, that sounds childish, and makes for even more childish conversation if pronounced slightly wrong (ha. ha. ha. -_-). Also when people hear my old nickname kids start to sing “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang” for fun, while men have made the nickname more perverted. Both, I dont want my nickname associated with. People even spell my nickname wrong, at least not the way a Nigerian(myself) would spell it. I often see “Chiddy”, “Chitty”, or “Chity” but I spell my old nickname “Chidi”. This is the way most Nigerians do spell the nickname to.

Ré. Just 2 letters, 1 syllable, and 1 (generally unncessary but desired) asterick. I chose this new nickname because growing up I have learned to answer anything that sounds like my name. I’ll often here the AY sound and react or respond. I can’t call myself AY so Ré it is. At least I did not pick some random name like Desiree (which is my favorite girl name since childhood) that has nothing to do with my name at all. I spelled it with an “é” because like my old nickname I would like for it to closely resemble my real name. I could have been Ray but Ré makes more sense, and is take from the end of real my name. Obviously, the asterick is there to assist with sound.

I understand why most people would not be understanding of a nickname change. A nickname is usually given to a person by others and often created from significant situations. Unlike me because I gave myself my first nickname so I will proceed to give myself my second. A lot of my closer friends, upon hearing my nickname change, have established that they will not change and that I have come to terms with. I realized that my closer friends dont even call me “Chidi”. It is either my name, or “Chi”. Other friends call me “Chidi”, and I understand force of habit.

Where I am working on making the change is with my new social groups. Since I will be graduating college this semester I will be entering the “real world” and gaining more networks and establishing myself as a career woman. At that time I will be more strict with the use of my new nickname because it will be in my new introduction, “Hello, My name is Chidere. You may call me Ré.”

As for now I do use my new introduction but I am leniant. The use of my new nickname waivers based on who is around during the initial and other interactions. Usually someone that does know me as Chidi will end up calling it out or use it to said new person and what I introduced myself as would not matter.

Anyway, I have been dropping hints. If this post isn’t one than I dont know what one is. Soon I will not be answering or reacting to Chidi at all. Now that is just a warning.

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