It’s the Real World….pshh

I am currently a senior in my final semester at Penn State Harrisburg. Only about 5 weeks left, and I take my rite of passage to the “real world”. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I have been a real person, living my reality, in this very real world since I was born. For some reason, I am not as scared as some people expect me to be.

I am not at all disregarding the bills, the paying back my loans, the pressures of the adult world. I am just prepared. I have planned to live on my own after 2 more years at home, after college. So I know with living on my own, comes my own bills. Ever since I started college my mother has been reminding me that I am paying back my loans all by myself. Lastly, balancing my full time job, school, and a social life has seemed more adult-worldly than most others.

Once again, I am not undermining this “real world” or other adult lives. I am just very aware and mentally prepared of the trials and tribulations of the adult real world, and I am not afraid. I think i can handle the pressures that comes after graduating college. I have been writing out my 5 year plan since my sophomore year and I have accomplished most goals. Those goals I have not accomplished, I have reworked, still, to my benefit.

I have grown to work my hardest and face problems head on. I am not easily intimidated by anything. I try to stay optimistic and “speak good things into existence”, so they become my reality. So if you ask me… yes, I am ready for MY real world.



  1. Ida · April 2, 2014

    I’ve read through a few of your blogposts and you write really well!

  2. tybeetabby · April 2, 2014

    I wish you happiness and success on the continuation of your life after graduation. I received my MBA from Penn State Harrisburg many, many years ago. It sounds like you have a plan …enjoy working that plan and the many surprises that will come in your future.

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