Spring Cleaning for the College Grad

With graduation coming up, and summer steadily approaching, it is time for a thorough spring cleaning. This is more than a mere season change. I am taking an important rite of passage that requires me to get rid of anything and everything that might hold me back in the future. This is a life cleanse. It includes cleaning out my apartment, my room, wardrobe, my USB, other computer files and folders, and life.

Whenever I cleaned for Spring in the past I always put items in categories. There is trash, and a pile of things I can give to my siblings. Trash includes items that are unsalvageable, and items with my name on it that I held onto for sentimental reasons. Graded homework assignments, notebooks, old birthday cards and gifts, posters and more. My siblings would get my old clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. that I cannot carry into my adult life. I usually plan to go shopping after this part of my cleanse.

I have been through many USBs throughout my college career. I probably average 2 USBs per school year. I do not have much on my current USB, so I will probably delete everything on it. Just a tip; hold onto files you may want to reference later, if you plan to go to graduate school. For instance, my PR teacher has some helpful documents posted on our school site that I plan to save to my USB.

Now my laptop will most likely be trashed too, but I plan on cleaning it completely out to my USB. I also want to buy an external hard drive. My sophomore year my computer crashed, and when I got it repaired EVERYTHING was gone. All my pictures, documents, and official (more important) documents disappeared. It felt as if a piece of my life went missing, especially when i lost all the photos. So to avoid this in my future, the external hard drive will come in handy.

Now what is most important is cleaning out my life. My social networks, bad habits, and negative people. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a social media junkie. I am debating whether I should just delete my old networks and make brand new ones like I did with my Twitter (@chidere_n). This is not absolutely necessary, for me, because I do not post negative or bad things on my social networks but it helps to do a run-through. Who knows what employers can find? A good way to check on your internet presence is to Google yourself, and see what the internet says about you. One bad habit I do plan on discarding is my terrible procrastination. It is because I am in school, doing assignments I have no real passion for, with just a goal to pass that I have developed a complacency, and a distracted and slow work ethic. Anyway, I plan to find a good job in my desired profession, and bring back that fire to my work ethic. Lastly, my whole college career has been a process of building and ending friendships and relationships. I do not want to go into a new part of my life thinking that I have to keep all my old friends. I want to find new circles and new activities to participate in. I am getting to old for certain circles, and I want to surround myself with people with the same fire and passion as I do. A tactic for this is unfollowing and blocking certain friends, and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This way, when you dont see the same people doing the same things, you will not get trapped in the same routine.



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