Deconstructed Martinis and Bored VIPs – Love New Smirnoff Campaign!

0:01 and 2:09 are my favorite parts

I have never thought to put Smirnoff at the top of my list of vodkas to buy until now. I love this Smirnoff campaign. Adam Scott and Alison Brie are the perfect pair, with her peppy spirit, and his sarcastic attitude. Different elements of throwing a party are addressed, from picking the liquor to the morning after. I would be the one to know this process so well. My favorite part is at 2 minutes and 9 seconds when Brie pulled Scott into the VIP section of glum, bougie, party-goers. I have a personal vendetta against all things “VIP sectioned”, and Smirnoff depicted what I truly dislike about them without losing either audience. While Smirnoff could be chilling in an ice bucket in your “cool” VIP, it’s also swirling in your glass in the middle of the dance floor where the fun is at.

Anyway, I suggest you pick up some Smirnoff. I have!


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