Oh risqué Rihanna!

It is no secret that Rihanna is a fashion favorite amongst many famous fashion designers. That is why she is very deserving of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Icon award that she received yesterday, June 2nd 2014, at the Lincoln Center. It is also no secret, the physique that Rihanna is working with under her outfits (when she does wear outfits). To the CFDA’s, Rihanna bares it all in a sparkly, sheer gown by Adam Selman. Now, if you’re going to do the CFDA’s, you have to do it right, but if you are winning the Fashion Icon Award, you MUST SHUT SHIT DOWN. And, so she did.

Rihanna’s risqué fashion choice had everyone buzzing. Fans that loved Rihanna, raved over her and the beauty of her gown. Men made googly eyes at her body. Haters found the sheerness of her outfit to be apalling. I did all of the above. Rihanna no longer surprises me. I expect to either love or hate her outfits nowadays, but I cannot help but say that I loved this dress at first sight. I didnt notice her under breast tattoo, nor her breasts at all. I was completely unaffected by her butt crack peaking from underneath the pink fur stole she accesorized with. All I saw was a shiny, beautiful floor length gown and wondered, “Are those diamonds? I bet there diamonds. No, she did not just do diamonds!” To me, that dress was on point.

I initially seen the picture and reactions scrolling down my Twitter timeline. After scrolling past a few Yayy’s for Rihanna, I found the Nayy’s. My concious immediately snapped back to reality and I seen the body, the tattoos, all that woman under that dress. Now, Rihanna stated herself, that she was no role model, and I never expected her to be. The look just brought to mind the Venus Hottentot of our past, feminist movements, the fight against rape that deals with how a woman’s body is projected, and my little sisters. No way would I want any of my younger sisters to idolize this mess. If we praise Rihanna, and say this look to be OK, then who is to tell how our children will dress and project themselves in the future. At this point, I had a few select words that I thought Rihanna to be. When all my fist-in-the-air, women’s movement feelings subsided I could not help but look at Rihanna with heart-eyes.

You cannot tell me that body is not something to see. If she was not an artist she would have had successful career as a lingerie model. Dont you think?

As I digress…

When you look at Rihanna in the sheer gown, don’t you see a modern day Josephine Baker? Well after watching the Wendy Williams show today, I learned, from guest star Kimberly Elise, that Rihanna’s look was inspired by the late Josephine Baker. She was the first African American female, famous, internationally, for her dancing, singing, and acting. Today, June 3rd, she would have been 104 years old, and Rihanna’s look was an ode to the young Josephine Baker. To me that just seems well played by Rihanna, her fashion team, and Adam Selman.

What do you think of this look? It’s obvious the dress, Rihanna, and all the buzz, rode me on an emotional rollercoaster. As I further digress, I feel now that the look was well-played IF it is true that it was inspired by the ever-so-talented entertainer, Josephine Baker. Rihanna won the Fashion Icon award. She deserves it.

Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace Josephine Baker.

Josephine Backer

The image i posted to Instagram comparing the two entertainers.

The image i posted to Instagram comparing the two entertainers.


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