About AFRIkata

af·ri·can – a person living in or originally born in the CONTINENT of Africa

a·ka·ta – slang word to describe African Americans

One word I use to describe myself, and the other, other’s may use to describe me. Either way, I am 100% Nigerian. An Igbo gyal to be exact. I was born in Isi Ala-Mbano, Imo State in Nigeria and moved to America at 2 years old. I lived a pretty average “African kid in America” life. Nothing away from the normal mispronunciations of my Nigerian name, assumptions of celebrating Kwanzaa because I was African, and parents that were just extra African in every moment. But one can’t forget the African parties, the great amount of relatives that always made the African conventions less of a drag, and the delicacies of pounded yam, goat meat, puff puff, chin chin (the list goes on…).

In no way did I ever dislike being African or try hide it, but 3 years ago, I would say, I was exposed to a lifestyle, a community of young African’s that I can relate to. I was 17, and never really experience any other Africans than the ones that went to my high school (and we were all Nigerian). There were parties, clubs, and gatherings of us, African youth, that gave me this new found pride in, not only my continent, but my country, Nigeria.

I expected to be welcomed with open arms which there were many who did, but I also received a little backlash. Nothing like bullying or in-my-face pointing and laughing. Just a word that would come up in conversation, which I had to argue against. I don’t in anyway identify myself as an Akata but I can see why people may say this. The way I speak, act, and the “African things” I may not be capable of doing (especially as a Nigerian woman). I was going through middle school and trying to fit in with this crowd that should have been easy since so many of our lives were alike.

Away from that sappy stuff, that is where the name of my blog comes. I am a Nigerian girl living in America. This blog wont be about just that per say but it will be about me, Chidere Nicolette Igwe. Currently in my junior year at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Communications, and minoring in Sociology. I like to write but don’t do it as often as I should. I did have a previous blog, the-average, but deleted it (and some of my really good posts that I miss) because of mental breakdown. Hashtag: stupid move. Anyway I want this blog to be better. I used to see myself as an average girl, but I have way to many dreams, and to much spunk to minimize myself to that word. I like fashion/style, men, entertainment gossip, men, sports(and the men that play them), among other interests that may come up.

Anyway I hope anyone that reads this blog can identify with me. I have a story to tell. “Don’t believe me? Just watch” -Trinidad James


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  1. Joe O/ @JoeOgun · October 22, 2013

    Hey how are you doing? I normally visit this website here and there occasionally to check out entertainment, and it turns out to be I’m an artist/rapper myself that also happens to be Nigerian. So I was wondering if you guys can post my new video on your website..Check out new video “BE ALRIGHT” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0JaTVOofoM and get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

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